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Lori Stanford is an abstract artist living and working in Los Angeles. Doctor Stanford put her career as a pediatrician on hold 15 years ago to focus her energy on her art. While she has a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and a MD degree from UCLA, her passion is creating art. Stanford launched her art career in 2009 with a solo show dealing with Environmental and Social Justice. In 2010 she sold a collection of 33 paintings capturing the California Poppy to a medical facility in Palmdale, California. A solo show in 2014 entitled Dwellings dealt with global poverty, and pieces from Stanford’s American Woman series continue to be on display in two different medical facilities in the Los Angeles area. Recently Stanford has become a member of the Los Angeles Artist Association and has had her work in several juried shows. Some of her most recent work, including pieces from her Time & Space Collection and an installation on The Selfie Subculture, can be seen at Unitá and Artlife Galleries in El Segundo. Her work has sold publicly and privately across the country. Currently, Stanford is preparing a body of work addressing racism in this country.


Group Exhibitions

2017  Artlife, El Segundo, CA

2017 “Art in the Arthouse, Select Four Group Exhibit,” Pasadena, CA

2017 “Art in the Arthouse, Claremont Art Show,” Claremont, CA

2017 El Segundo Art Walk, El Segundo, California

2017 “Art in the Arthouse, Pasadena Art Show,” Pasadena, CA

2017 “Imagine: A Visual Arts Exhibit,” Whizin Center, Los Angeles, CA

Solo Exhibitions

2015 “Global Village,” Arte Fine, Sherman Oaks, CA

2014 “Dwellings,” Coif, Studio City, CA

2013 “Portrait of the American Woman,” Renaissance Imaging, West Hills, CA

2011 “Portrait of the American Woman,” Renaissance Imaging, Los Angeles, CA

2009 “Global Warning,” Sherman Oaks, California

Permanent Collections

“Poppies,” Antelope Valley Outpatient Imaging Center, Palmdale, CA


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